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Hey, the animations in this are suuuper sweet! Did you use Live2D to make them or are they animated by hand or some other way?


The characters are modeled and animated in Blender.


Oh, wow! This is actually pretty cool! I'd love to see where this game goes in the future, but I know one thing for sure about it: You have to keep developing it! I sorta even like the fact that it's post-date, and just a casual relationship with someone else. Amazing work! I'll support, definitely!

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I'm glad this game got some attention drawn to it. I hope there's more to do than just the dating sim as well. No game has anything after the dating part is over and many gamers wish there was a little more after that.

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That mostly because that's what dating is all about to get the girls of your dreams. And when you have it then it ends right there, but you are right the real dating is just beginning after those game end. Now you have your lady, and you have to keep her happy by being a good BF. But it's not dating since it the second base and it more like a relationship between 2 furs then it's dating.

Kind of curious if the finale version will allow for the male to be human or not. It would be interesting to see the shift in dialogue from that.


Not sure exactly what's going on with the main characters just yet, but species isn't something that would be addressed in the dialogue. Keeps things a lot more simple.

Here is a little donation keep up the good work, and I will be watching your progress <3.

Thanks a bunch!

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Wow, this is beautiful <3

I'd say this isn't a dating sim yet, but it's better than a dating sim! I would love a game that spent less time on(or even skipped over) the "get a date" stage, and more time on the "been dating a while" stage :) Maybe a "what level do you want to start on" kinda option?

The demo has very limited content, and the usual supply of demo bugs(May often stops reacting and just keeps playing her base idle animation, one time watching the first Godzilla movie blocked watching the second, and try talking to her with the speech bubble in her room then over the next few days try watching movies), but it's already at the "where did my hour go" level :)

On the subject of dating sim mechanics, the big one is covered by the TVTrope RelationshipValues. (Really, you can learn a lot about any media genre by spending a saturday afternoon looking it up on TVTropes.) One way to think of it is: How much does she think you're a goofball? How much does she like goofballs? How much does she think you're a gentleman? How much does she like gentlemen? Etc.

A trick with idle animations is to make sets of 3(or more) sub-animations that can all tween into each other, then after each sub-animation pick a random one to go next. 3 idle sub-animations like this will look better than one idle animation 3× as long.

Any plans on adding chargen, at least a gender choice? As a lesbian, every time she referred to me as "guy", and every time the mouse dude appeared in the shot and I had to remember that's supposed to be me, it was jarring.

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That's a lot to put on one man but it would be nice to have such a dating sim with that level of detail, might I add. Maybe it would be feasible if he had more than just himself to work on this? #donate_to_this_game


Hm. I think the level of detail is fine; the demo intro blurb mentions "haven't personally played a lot of dating sims so any input will be extremely helpful", so the para on RelationshipValues was intended as kind of a crash course on the subject.

On donation, I'm waiting for something more trustworthy than PayPal, I've had problems with them in the past. Also I've already spent my discretionary budget for the month, and I probably won't get approval to go over that for a video game. But the demo's already good enough I plan on setting aside some of next month's for when another way opens up :D (Hint hint, Terence ;)


I was definitely considering hiring another artist for stylish character designs.

I got your Christmas present by the way, definitely the best one I got this year. Thank you! It means a lot.


I'm actually removing all the non-first person stuff from an upcoming demo since it doesn't quite fit with the rest of it. Not sure where she addresses his gender, maybe she says "dude" at some point. In any case, May is down with girls too which is something that'll be addressed in the next demo.

Any plans for a full on game are still up in the air, so thanks for the feedback!

So there'll be no cut-scenes of May and the player? Or are you making it so you just can't see the player in cut-scenes?


Just for this teaser demo for now, there will definitely be more movie-like cutscenes in the final game to go along with more character options.

Sweet O:) Welcome and thank you for working on this! :)

I played through the demo again, and here's the mentions of his gender I found:

"Jealous? I may have a couple dozen "hazubandos" but I've only got one "booifurendo"."

"Hey, how about you go on the "you already ate and don't get a say in what I have for dinner" diet, Mr. Healthy. I'm hungry for pizza."

"What? It's a thing, Mr. Health nut. I saw a guy do it on the internet. In fact, there's your diet right there. Degrease that sucker."

"Aaaand, you're still carrying an empty backpack and a map… OK dude."

The one I was thinking of was a reply option early on: "It's just a map. A guy can't have a map?" I guess in my head I turned the others into callbacks to that, sorry. (She also refers to Wilson as "guy" once or twice, I probably put him and the mouse dude in the same mental bin.)

I'm not sure about this one, but together with the others it feels like it contributes: "Plus if we were both fat our bellies would smack together when we do it." I could go into details, but… yeah.

Finally, the general stereotype of "you're supposed to like action movies, I'm supposed to like romance movies" seems gender-based… especially since May ends up liking the action movies far more than the romance movies.

(I really do miss her reactions every time I encounter that "no animations" bug <\3)

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two questions then; will you be able to pick your characters "look" or gender? Also, is May only going to have that one outfit?


So far the plan is for each character to have at least one outfit per season, not sure yet how the player character will be handled but gender will definitely be an option and it will factor in to the planned social simulation.

This little game was... interesting to play. Tried to see what all it offered, had a bit of a blast. Wish it had more going for it.


Wow, you got that shower glitch worse then anyone I've seen yet.


I take it there was more to enjoy? How lame... I was hoping there was more than just about 4-6 minutes worth of game there. Maybe I'll revisit it again later.


There wasn't that much more, no worries. There will be an update.


No worries. Send me a message on my channel and I'll revisit it and try to spread the love. I'm intrigued with where this 'could' go.

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You know something that would really make this game interesting and/or would pull even more people to play it? If you added some depth of detail to the game; as in the text saying just little things going on around you? Maybe alternate endings of sort? Or, if you had something going on in the background, such as little Snippets of some story going on, that could make it Much more interesting to some.


I've never personally liked that sorta thing. That's a very "visual novel" thing to do I suppose but I'm going to try the "show, don't tell" approach more often then not.. That's also the reason the protagonist is completely silent unless there's a dialog option to choose.

I'm gonna try to have a lot of interaction and background details that change such as weather, kind of like how I have the time of day right now.

Good idea there. Just protect the "illusion of choice". Every game developer has to make or fake it or else the player will feel controlled no matter the game. Undertale and the certain Telltale games are both good story-driven examples that I can think of because they'll almost always have the same ending. Here's a link to better explain it for everyone........#donate_to_this_game


For a full on game I have a plan to manage this sort of thing, but there will be somewhat pre-determined stories since a computer couldn't exactly write a compelling narrative. Those stories might have certain dialogue added depending on player choices to give the illusion that it's totally dynamic.

Bad Example: "Remember when we were "insert place here" and we had that conversation about "insert thing here?" It was "insert weather" that day, I felt "insert emotion here."

Meanwhile, the main story is somewhat on branching rails Telltale style with the side content being actual dynamic social simulations.

Whoa, you donated again? Thanks again!

If I decide to do crowdfunding I'll make sure you get the appropriate reward tiers with no extra contribution necessary.

I don't know how you'd be able to do that but cool, thank you

I understand and I like your thinking; I don't know how to draw support to you yet so I'll just keep donating.......#Donate_to_this_game


I've already got way more support then I was expecting. This was mainly just a pitch game to get people on board for a bigger game after all.


I'm interested to see more. Make sure you get the word out when you next release an update. Heck, even a call for testers would be great. Good luck!

I second this!

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I know this is only a demo, but I feel like it missing a lot. Like a menu could be nice and to turn down music would be nice too. Some emotion sound would be cool too, and I feel like the text is in Low quality it looks blurry, and i feel like there were some gramma errors also. But I'm a furry, and I love furry games, and I would love to see a full version of this game. I am going to post a playthrough of this on my youtube channel, so you welcome to check it out.

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Correct me if I'm wrong... but from the looks of it, this is more of a pre-alpha type of thing, but I was told that he was putting a lot more into this. a kick-starter would be nice; right now, however, all we have is his PayPal account which is "" if you don't believe me, just look down 17 comments/ replies.

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The word Demo comes from the word demonstration if it a pre-alpha, alpha or a beta doesn't matter it's still a Demo. Besides, I can only give info out from the demo since I don't own or don't know what's in the final version of the game since to what I know off, no info is giving. Besides he doesn't need a kick-starter, he can use patreon like most people do today or use I know many use that one too as a Kickstarter. I'm already Contribution to a Campaign called Them's Fighting Herds on there, so there are many ways to do it. Also, I know his Paypal already I did read all the comments on here.

I'm trying to play but the game just brings up a bunch of pics of company names. Could you fix that

Could you post your specs? Only one company name should come up, then the game will start.

Really awesome <3 I hope to see more of this


I would buy this game IF: it weren't a demo, the graphics were a little bit better, the character had a few more poses and/or a bit longer idle loops. the music could be a bit crisper but other than that... you'd have a good game from the looks of it my friend! someone kick-start this.


We're working on a full version with an original soundtrack and new characters, dunno about Kickstarter but I'm glad there's interest!


And with that, I sent you a test donation.


What's phase 2? Fund the entire game?

I really, REALLY appreciate it!

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It's a cover of Tu Sei Come by Gigli and Musy.

I love this game. I've been around for a while and I can say just as it is now I'd buy it. Perhaps you can get ahold of huniepot? He's been pretty successful with his work and in my personal opinion has made progress in the dating sim world. Before it's just been choice progression visual novels but a more interactive scene seems to be overall more fun.

But yeah, a couple more characters and an first half to the game and it's totally done. :)

I haven't played any of those games but I've heard a lot of suggestions based on them. I'm not going to be doing mini-game dating but at the same time it won't be canned choices either. We're trying to "simulate" as much as possible.

not able to actually play game, but saw video of it.

and omg just want to say i love it, how she reacts to what you say and the whole this is cute and fun.

really want to see this as a full game!

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The animation shows ALOT of promise!! Keep it up I wish you had a Flatr or Paypal link for donations this is definately something to keep going! excellent effort :)

although the consistant chinese bit was a little yuck. i played it "all the way" and got locked into shower sleep because the movie function just had her saying meh to everything. It lacks romance progression I know its wip but a little more focus on that element of the game that it is basically about would have been nice. Also one last peeve.... the lens flare in the shower.... most furries know where youre going it probably isnt necessary since its just a shower.

side note i noticed there was less animation in the version i downloaded vs the version i saw in a lets play. The lets play animation was even better than what i saw. i think this may have been done to conserve fps?? honestly a better conservation would have been hd~low def split; with current muted animations and previous much more life-like animations.


Glad you liked it! I didn't give the option to "pay what you want" because it's barely a game yet and it seemed like that would be reaching a bit, but if you want to donate my paypal is ""

The animations were never any better then what's in this demo and you would have experienced slowdown if there was a loss of fps because there's no frameskip. Gonna be trying to get a better balance of animation frames and resolution in the full game.

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i sent you a donation. Keep up the awesome work with your animation!!

As to quality it may have been that I wasn't triggering the blush slow enough. Sometimes her blush would be skipped. Which at this stage is by far my favorite.

Any hints at the possibility of additional characters?

Holy shit dude, thank you!

The animations flow together without jumping between them, so if you click at the speed of light some might be skipped.

Thanks again!

Oh, I didn't answer your question about characters.

I'm adding one more character to this proof of concept demo, from there if people like that we're going to make a full fledged game out of it with brand new models and animations.


I am not a gamer by any stretch of the imagination, however as i said before, what I had seen was actually fun. If you do plan on a kick starter, please let us know.

For the few minutes it played, the Dialogue made me laugh (even if May called me lewd when having Chinese food), It was interesting to see her facial expressions (and at one point her lips move as if she had a voice actress). Being a dragon, I will admit she is cute, and was let down when the shower scene had all the steam in the way....Ok, so I am perv of a scale...Either way, would love to see where you go with this.

Ran beautifully, and was super fun for the few minutes it offered. I am curious as to what the parent project was and why it was scrapped.

It was a feature length animated romantic comedy. I wouldn't have had the resources to pull it off.

Ah, i see. Tis a shame it did not come to completion, but thank you kindly for putting together what you did!
(Mayhaps someday you can look into crowdfunding or Patreon?)

I have a Patreon but it's not work safe, I might set up a gamedev one at some point.

Not work safe? As in NSFW, 18+, etc?
That's fine by me XD
I can't afford much, but i can contribute :)

So, I downloaded it because I thought it might be something cute and fun to waste time with when I don't have plans, but for some reason I can't get it to actually load. The intro music will play, but literally nothing else will load, and when I click anywhere it crashes. What version of windows are you using? I'm wondering if that might be my problem. I don't think it's my hardware because this pc is only two years old and can still run nearly everything on maximum gfx settings. I wish I had more information, but since I can't get it to load I don't have any idea where to start.

It should run on any Windows OS but it's been tested on 10 and 7, what OS are you running?

I'm running Windows 7, so it doesn't sound like that's my problem... Do you know of anything else that could be making it do what it's doing? Because there's always a reason, and since other people can run it then it must be on my end. Do you think my antivirus might be interfering with it?

That's possible, I heard of that happening before.

I do test it on a lower end Windows 7 computer as a benchmark and I never had any issues myself. Does a specific error come up?

Is there any way I can download this with an Amazon Kindle Fire tablet? My computer has recently broken, and i wish to play this.

I really like this game so fare cant wait to see more of it.

does this game work with Apple Mac

I'm guessing not; it doesn't run through Wine for me or my friends, because it uses .CAB compression, which has limited support outside Microsoft-per-se platforms.

(Oh yeah, Terence: For the actual game, you should include Wine as a targeted "version of Windows". Linux users are savvy enough not to care about the indirection, especially since stuff that runs tends to run better on Wine than on Windows.)

What engine/language did you used to make the game ?

Game Maker Studio


how do you playit


It's a Windows exe, just double click it.




She didn't offer me anything too FAP too. I am very displeased with this hooker. I would like a refund or a higher quality bich. A thick one thus time, I want my wee wee to be crushed. Also she has to be blonde. Thank you for understanding.

LMAO I lost hope in myself 😂😂


I did a video for your game as well. It was quite interesting, and can't wait to see more. :D


I did a lets play/fanart of your game :D always loved seeing your work around so was nice to do this lil demo as a lets play :3

Cool! Just so you know you're able to explore after the dinner scene. You can scroll around with the mouse and click on things.


The game is kinda Lagging for me...


excuse me but where the fuck is my reply i need a help how i can get rid of the lag...


Sorry, I don't check this much. Can you elaborate on the problem and let me know your PC's specs?

oh yeah sorry my PC specs

most of the time my PC specs are 30-32

for some games like Verdun that game is lagging hard to be honest

I got you shug. Your computer simply isn't powerful enough.

You need to defrag your harddrive. Clean drivers, delete all unused and unneeded applications then reboot after every step.

if it still lags after this your device does not have strong enough processor and you need to buy and install a new one. I recommend going to Newegg for this.

This is a pretty interesting proof of concept, I would love to see this go far.

I especially loved the title music, could you please tell me the name?

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I don't played it but it looks beautiful. man i like anthro and furry art!!

it's awesome you made this game!!!

p.s my heart has been warmed by this.

what a game please continue

So I decided to play this game for my channel and it was a good run through xD Great prototype bro!

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Neato, thanks for putting up with that framerate, I'll get on fixing that.

What specs are you running?

Edit: I re-uploaded a "maybe-fixed" version. I also addressed the shower glitch with some redundant code but I've never been able to reproduce it myself so it's hard to tell if I got it or not.

My specs are Gefore gtx 880 24gb ram intel core i7-4700HQ CPU @ 2.40GHz with a 64 bit operating system

Also the new update ran very smooth

Cool! These were optimizations that should have been in the game in the first place, my bad.

It's alright man it happens, just keep up the good work man!


What a devious human!


Looks great! Please let me know if that'll evolve into full game ^_^


It looks really proomising :3

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