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What is "Something To Do With Love?"

Something To Do With Love is a romantic, slice of life adventure game about being a bachelor in the small city of Garden Grove. The characters are animal people.

While not a "dating sim" per se, this point and click adventure offers exploration and player freedom in regards to dating (or not dating) a cast of diverse characters in addition to a rich story.

How does dating work?

Through meeting people through your daily life, at social gatherings, or wherever you can develop a relationship with somebody that can bloom into something truly special. It can become serious, or not go very far. No worries though, there are plenty of fish in the sea if it doesn't work out. Chin up, Tiger; She just wasn't the right one for you is all!

Oh, you mean in "Something To Do With Love?"

Same, but with animal people.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure
Tagsanthro, Cute, Dating Sim, FMV, Furry, Mouse only, nudity, Singleplayer


Buy Now$19.99 USD or more

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Version 63

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So i got this on steam. and i haven't touched it for like 2 years now. i had gotten like one cutscene for all four of the girls, and ever since i've been wondering. Is there suppose to be more, or is that just it?.

Extremely broken. Can't recommend.


If possible could you elaborate on what you had issues with? If you got error codes I could use those too. It'd be helpful in fixing the issues.

is the game on steam

Yup, and it's on sale at the moment! https://store.steampowered.com/app/603730/Something_To_Do_With_Love/


So I played a little and one thing bugged me to no end:

Why wasn't the game done as a VN in something like Ren'Py? A more limited scope with simpler and more polished gameplay would have helped the art and assets really carry the game instead of feeling like filler between the scenes of a more traditional game.


Are there gay options?

Hello there,

so, I've tested the newest patch for a while and got something to report: Autumn seems kinda buggy - sometimes her dialogues just pass through like crazy, it's impossible to read them. Aaaand... while a second time we were meeting - in her house - game randomly closed itself, without any crash window (box) or anythig like that.


Will there be free version?

There already are demo versions of this game, they are for free.

I think I did played the demo game a while back

Got the OST. Found my first bug. When meeting with Autumn at the hamburger place, no dialogue options show up. Don't know if there's a failsafe to escape this softlock or anything. Can advance Autumn's animation to where she places her hand on her chest by pressing the arrow keys, though. Thanks for any info!

Thanks for letting me know. This is the second time this one was reported.  Along with fixing the bug I'm gonna add some failsafes just in case, yeah. Sorry for the inconvenience there.

Dumb question, but is it possible to purchase the OST anymore? Wasn't a part of the Kickstarter, but would like to buy the OST if possible. Thanks!

Yup, right here: https://crvs.bandcamp.com/releases

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The game crashes during the video when Arlene eats a banana.

I have Windows 7 x64, game downloaded from this site.

And will the quality of the video themselves be improved in the future?

( Google translate. Sorry=) )

I'm afraid that the video player plugin isn't supported by Windows 7, which is why the videos appear low quality. The videos are full resolution when played on Windows 8 or higher.

Could you send me the error code? I will take a look.

Too bad there is no other way to enjoy high definition video.

Hey there,

I just picked up the game yesterday, but when I try to start it it gives me the message "The procedure entry point MFCreateDXGIDeviceManager could not be located in the dynamic link library MFPlatDLL." and I end up having to close the program in the Task Manager to clear it. I'm using Win 7 64-bit, if that helps.

I believe that's related to the video playing feature which doesn't support Windows 7. I thought I fixed this, however you should be able to close those notifications as they pop up (There's one per video) and the game will play fine after that. I understand if this is annoying, I'll be looking into it again when I'm back at my desk.

Deleted 1 year ago

Not really. In fact it's probably more like the other way around considering How This All Happened isn't exactly deep.

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I'm getting a black screen after going to sleep for the first time. It shows the chacter waking up, then it goes to black. 

This is even after updating, and uninstalling and reinstalling the game. 

Me too.

Sorry for this issue, I'm uploading a new fix tonight. Using the launcher will download updates as small patches; or you can reinstall.

I'm still having this same issue with the latest updates on Win7 64bit

Is this a sequel to "How this all happened"?






Deleted 3 years ago

Posting here to make sure it's seen: people who bought the game through a browser, please re-download to get updates, or get the launcher and downliad it through that. Using the itch.io launcher will download small patches for the game, I highly recommend it.

This game looks great, however as i am poor i cant help but wish this game were a bit cheaper (please note i understand the amount of effort that goes into a game and wish nothing but the best for the dev and the game itself)

Btw heres a 5 star :)


Hello there,

it's been very long time since I wrote a real criticism about something, but I belive that now is a good time to do this.

The game looks really beautiful, when everything works correctly and the player is in the moment of the story when something is actually happening, it is really entertaining to play. You just want to stay in this world, explore it and find everything it has to offer.

Then you realise that there is not much more. When one story ends, there is nothing than the repeatable schedules... even when you know that it is impossible to make after-story progress by itself and you know that the author had to make limited variations after the "main quest", there should be more of them - just to make it don't feel empty. The same goes to the other NPCs, not only those with story about relationship with the player.

Game feels incomplete. Stories are short, even if attractive and relatable, but still, after "main quest" there is emptiness - maybe there is nothing more, only things that I've already described, or maybe there is something (... to do...), but I couldn't find it after several hours of trying out all the possibilities.

About bugs - not so hard gamebreaking, but still may be annoynig. According to what I've heard, some people can't even play for 10 minutes without crashes. Not sure about that, game worked almost 100% fine most of the times. But bugs are just technical usses - there is time to fix them, they don't seem to be a problem, not for me after all.

At the end, as I said, game looks pretty nice and makes you want to explore it all. Problem is that there is not so much to explore.

Stories should be longer, with harder executions of achieving the goals - without making a characters out of their... well, characters.

Hope next updates will bring something new, something fresh to the game, becouse - I can easly say - the game deserves well. Deserves something more.

Best wishes,



Thank you for taking the time to give me this input. I've been extremely lucky to get detailed input like this from folks who'd like to see the game improved upon. I'll be giving the game a substantial overhaul based on a lot of the input I've received.


No problem. If anything more needed, feel free to ask.

Hey man, you did it! glad to see things worked out with this game, I'm buying it today, been looking forward to it for a while

First: the Animation are cool made, The Dev had the Balls to give his Game in Steam, Steam is a Place for Snobs with High Standart Players how not understand how much Work is in it. Furry lover will like it. Yes there are some Bugs. Story is fully ok. I would recommend dont Play with Grafic changes. And for the Dev: Dont think you have to make it like Art with Blur etc. Trust me, your Work is Great. Follow your Path, Then Peoples like me have a Eye on you. Thx for Upload


Thank you. I'm working on the bugs right now, but I'm away from home and my laptop is having issues compiling the game. Please look forward to a more stable version, and more content coming soon!


D'ya get to kiss any cute dudes in this?


I'm afraid there is no dude kissing.



Just pretend you are the girl kissing the boy. Hehe My friend used to do it in Second Life. And me ran scared of seen he naked. Lol